Saying Hello To The Autumn Days


To me, there was no better time to begin this blogging journey of mine than during this vibrant, colourful, leafy season. Living in a quaint village in the south-east of England means that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an abundance of forests and fields which are great for dog-walking! This past weekend myself and my partner were looking after his family’s pet dog, Teddy. He is a black Labrador Retriever who is always happy to see us so it was lovely spending the whole weekend together, just the three of us.

This photo was taken in a complete spur of the moment on Saturday morning in a little village just outside of Cambridge. I was focusing on making sure Teddy’s poop was picked up and trying not to fall over in my heeled boots on the uneven grass. We walked through these colour-changing trees, over a little bridge and came to a small, secluded clearing with only a bench and a picnic table. I stopped to take in what was around me as I often forget to appreciate what I’m doing during the moment, and decided to take a photo of my other half and Teddy the dog.

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year. My birthday, Halloween, the build up to Christmas and it being completely socially acceptable to put the diet to bed until the New Year. Hot chocolate, woolly jumpers, bonfires and evenings spent by the fire with family and friends is what Autumn means to me.


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